Thursday, April 7, 2011

Suggestion: "BLOCKING" for flat screen TV

Today, representative from Guardian came to the site to mark the locations of our selections (Structural wiring/Flat screen rough-in/phone&TV cables).

He suggested that we could request PM to install "BLOCKING" - a piece of wood that goes across the studs - which would help flat-screen TV installation. Posting this as i am hearing this term the first time.

Google search revealed that this is more useful for cabinets.

I called my PM - he said that blocking can be installed - i just need to let him know where the Flat screen should go.

Plumbing is half-way thru, Electrical connections in progress, bath-tubs have arrived.


  1. Sara...funny that you say this now......the other day i was like babe we shouldve had them put a piece of wood back there so we wouldnt need to use a stud finder...but we should be fine but yes its a great idea to have em add it...more support!!!

  2. That is a very good idea...Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Great idea, but too late for us. Stud finder it is.

  4. Never heard of this I would need to research this thanks for the tip. Thank goodness for bloggers lol.

  5. Great idea! Thanks for sharing!