Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pre Drywall meeting - Your experience please

The plumbing work has started. Guardian folks will be coming in tomorrow and electrical connections will start this Friday.

Our PM called this afternoon to inform about the Pre-Drywall meeting next Wednesday. I already found a building inspector - I told PM that i will be bringing the inspector as well with me. He wanted the inspector to fax his state license info to the Ryan office. (Since i requested the inspector to do both pre-drywall and final inspection, i got 15% discount :-)

Though the inspector would check the various aspects (building codes, proper installation etc), there might be other things that we need to watch out for - as we are the one who know the selections that we made earlier. I am going through various blogs regarding the pre drywall meeting. Please share your experiences as well and let us know the list of items that i need to watch out for.

Also - we have not selected electrical outlets outside the house (Christmas light, mowing etc). Does these connections come by default or we need to specifically request them?


  1. Hey Sara, the outlets outside the home are code....We have like 4-5 outlets on the outside that I had no clue about....

  2. India is correct regarding the outside outlets. One thing your pm will do is go over your selections for the house. We couldn't find an inspector to do both at a reasonable price, but my father came up and asked questions.

    I would look at everything. If something doesn't look right or seems weird to you bring it up to your pm. Also take a camera with you and take pictures of everything ( plumbing electrical and cable ) so you know were everything is behind the drywall.

  3. @2011...good idea about the camera.

    I know we had a couple of outside outlets, but we added a few more for XMAS decorations and such.

    Would love to see a consolidated list of things to look for during inspections.

  4. Thanks all for the suggestions. I shall get a camera to document the pre-drywall layout.