Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Framing Day 3

Framing is continuing this week.

So far:
Day 1 - Sub-flooring
Day 2 - First Floor
Day 3 - Second Floor

Here are the pics:

Taylor Model, Elevation C (with porch):

Right Side Elevation:

First floor windows (side) : Study room (2), Family room (2)
First floor front: 2-car garage (ya, you guessed right)
Second floor windows (side): Bedroom #3 (2)
Second floor windows (front): Bedroom #2 (3 - includes 1 double window), Bathroom #3 (1)

Left side Elevation:

First floor windows (side): Dining room Bay Window
First floor window (front): Living room (2) - partially visible in the below picture
Second floor window (side): Large window on the Stairs (1), Laundry room (1), Toilet - attached to Master Bathroom (1 - small), Master Bathroom (1 - other one on the rear elevation)
Second floor window (front): Bedroom#4 (3) - partially visible in the below picture

Rear Elevation:

Basement Level windows/openings: Media Room (2 - should be large windows - this is yet to be fixed), exit to backyard
First Floor windows/openings- Family room (2 - separated by fireplace), 2 ft extension double door opening (this will blocked till we build our deck), Kitchen (1)
Second Floor windows: Master Bedroom (2), Master Bathroom (1 - second one on the left elevation)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Basement Poured

We didnt realize that the basement has already been poured. Yesterday, we sneaked into the basement. Here are the pics (90 degree view stranding from the corner of the basement)

View from basement

Friday, March 25, 2011

Framing started

Yesterday, we got our first status update call from our PM. He mentioned that the foundation work is complete and lumber is expected to arrive today - with framing starting from Monday.

But today when i drove-by the site, i was amazed to see the progress. The lumber has arrived, backfilled and framing of the floor started!!! Here are some pics:

I guess the gap in the above picture is for bay window in the dining room. Though i am not sure about the projection next to it (which would be the kitchen area).

In the below picture, the fireplace (left) and dinette 2 ft extension can be seen. The basement window is yet to be fixed as the gadget to cut the concrete is yet to come. PM said that this should happen around next week.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Waterproofing, plumbing and a MISTAKE

Foundation has been completed. These pics were taken on Friday (3/18)

Front porch & steps:
Basement Bathroom plumbing rough-ins:
Waterproofing (pic taken from the rear) - part of the foundation will be exposed:

View from the backyard:
We have a walkout basement - with 2 full size windows in the media room. But if you see the above picture (on the left side) - there are 2 small windows. We were surprised to see this. I immediately sent an email to PM with the picture and the contract page with our selection to add the full size window. Got an email today - apparently this was missed on their part and the PM assured that they will fix this.

View from the basement door - can't wait to build a deck/patio...:

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Work has started in our lot. On Tuesday (3/8) they started work and today i saw they excavated some dirt and started working on the foundation. Here are some pics:

Our lot (a month ago..)

View from the rear (in between the grey and yellow house). If you see closely, the backyard drops by about 6 ft - our neighbor (grey house) has raised the level using retaining wall...another 10K to do this :-(

Work started last Tuesday (3/8):

Preparing for Foundation (3/12)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Floor Plan & Selections

Our Selections:

  • Brick Front with Porch
  • Finished Basement - with walkout door to backyard
  • Wooden Floor for Foyer, Powder Room, Dining and Kitchen
  • Carpet for the rest of the house
  • Gourmet Island with Granite counter-top in the Kitchen
  • Fire-place in family room
  • Stainless Steel Appliances
  • Kitchen Vent-Out
  • Tray Ceiling in Master Bedroom
  • Ceramic tiles in Master Bathroom
  • Added extra bathroom (3 bathrooms on the upper level)
  • Bay Window in Dining room
  • Double window in one of the unfinished room in basement - we are planning to finish it next year as a 5th bedroom
  • 3 piece rough-in in the basement - again - planning to finish it later to convert as 4th full bathroom
  • Garage opener
  • Recess lights in foyer, kitchen
  • Chair railing and Crown Molding in the Foyer, Living, Dining room and the stairs
  • Gas cook-top, Electric connection for washer/dryer
(we bought the house in a promotion - so we got free basement, fire-place, brick front and porch & 33% off on all other upgrades :-) )

Morning room extension was not possible as the local code does not allow for our site :-(..so we just got a 2 ft extension in dinette

Guardian Selections
  • In-wall Speakers in family room (Kiplisch)
  • Flat TV rough-in for family room (over the fireplace), Master bedroom (we decided to pull the cables from family room to study room and from master bedroom to closet - so the accessories would be accesses remotely using logitech remote)
  • Security system (added 1 keypad & heat sensor) - negotiated for 6 month free services - but got a discount of $400 upfront - which is equivalent to 10 months of service
  • Extra 110v points for Flat TV connection, Closet in Master bedroom for the cable box/dvd player (Note: The Guardian upgrades do not qualify for the 33% discount)


  • Maple Cognac cabinets in Kitchen and bedrooms
  • Gunstock hardwood for the main floor (except living & family)
  • Tan Brown granite (went well with Maple Cognac cabinet and Gunstock floor)
  • Upgraded Stainless steel appliances with double wall oven
  • Kitchen Vent out - we are planning to buy range hood after we move in
  • Upgraded carpet for rest of the house with 6lb padding (i shall upload pictures of the selections soon)
Current Status

  • Loan approved (via NVR Mortgage - took 2 weeks for approval)
  • Construction started today, settlement in mid of June
  • Watching the mortgage rate fluctuations very closely - we wont be able to lock rate until mid of April
  • Today we had pre-construction meeting with PM to go through all the options - they missed couple of items (like Ceiling fan rough-ins that we selected for all bedrooms & Chair Molding). Need to closely monitor during this meeting as we went through all upgrades in detail.
So far, I am happy with Ryan folks (Sales Rep, Loan department & PM) - they have been honest and guided us with all pros & cons of the selections. Guardian rep was also good - he wanted us to get the 3-yr security contract - but did not push for rest of the stuff. We were not that happy with CTI - they didn't provide with much selections - in fact the model house had more selections (in their basement) than the CTI showroom. But we are now happy with the selections.