Sunday, March 20, 2011

Waterproofing, plumbing and a MISTAKE

Foundation has been completed. These pics were taken on Friday (3/18)

Front porch & steps:
Basement Bathroom plumbing rough-ins:
Waterproofing (pic taken from the rear) - part of the foundation will be exposed:

View from the backyard:
We have a walkout basement - with 2 full size windows in the media room. But if you see the above picture (on the left side) - there are 2 small windows. We were surprised to see this. I immediately sent an email to PM with the picture and the contract page with our selection to add the full size window. Got an email today - apparently this was missed on their part and the PM assured that they will fix this.

View from the basement door - can't wait to build a deck/patio...:


  1. Yikes! Good catch. It's really moving now!

  2. Great catch. When will framing start?

  3. Not sure about the framing..I need to check with PM. I have seen in other posts that PM provides weekly updates. Is true in all the cases?

  4. I asked my pm to inform me week to week of whats going on....There supposed to do the outside this week...but its raining :(

  5. Glad you caught it early! We had a window placed on the wrong side of the house, they fixed it and out it on the right side & now its in the wrong location on the correct side of the house! Now, they built the front of the house wrong, they forgot the Bay Window, its just windows. It IS being fixed though, no worries, Ryan is pretty good at fixing their mistakes!

  6. Thanks India..I shall also request my PM to send weekly updates. Mike, hope they fix your Bay window soon. For the window in the media room that i mentioned, I hope they do not leave a crack on the wall near the window area (since it is all concrete wall) as they fix it...

  7. Good Catch!!

    I didn't know you could ask PMs to do that. Great info!

    Glad you got this fixed!

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