Friday, March 25, 2011

Framing started

Yesterday, we got our first status update call from our PM. He mentioned that the foundation work is complete and lumber is expected to arrive today - with framing starting from Monday.

But today when i drove-by the site, i was amazed to see the progress. The lumber has arrived, backfilled and framing of the floor started!!! Here are some pics:

I guess the gap in the above picture is for bay window in the dining room. Though i am not sure about the projection next to it (which would be the kitchen area).

In the below picture, the fireplace (left) and dinette 2 ft extension can be seen. The basement window is yet to be fixed as the gadget to cut the concrete is yet to come. PM said that this should happen around next week.


  1. Yay, your house is officially a work in progress how exciting is that. Its amazing how a little piece of land turns into a house. Looking forward to see more pictures.

  2. Man, that's a lot of lumber. How big is your house going to be?

    I'm so excited to see the final product since I've never heard of your floor plan before your blog.

  3. The framing is so excciting! I love my picture of our lumber. It's so cool to think that that big pile of wood will soon be a house. Congrats on the progress!